AUR30616 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Location 14/65 Mark St, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051
Course Code AUR30616 – Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
Intakes Monthly
Total Tuition Hours 1140 hours
Duration 60 Weeks
Delivery Mode Face-to face; Computer Aided
Assessment Mode Combination of written, practical and/or project assessments
Fees* No application or enrolment fees apply. For further information on fees please contact
Prerequisite Not Applicable

Qualification Description

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of light vehicles in the automotive service and repair industry.

Career Guidance

Participants are provided with advice on career development and training options throughout the delivery of the program

Admission Direct Entry Requirements

  • All students must of the age of 18 years or over at the time of applying for admission at Barkly International College.
  • IELTS band score of 5.5 or equivalent in line with DIBP regulations
  • Satisfactory completion of studies in applicant’s home country equivalent to an Australian Year 12 qualification is required for entry into all courses.
  • or
  • Mature age students will also be considered without the minimum education requirements but with relevant work experience within chosen area of study and a demonstrated capacity to meet course requirements. A minimum of 5 years’ experience would normally be expected but each case will be reviewed individually with relevant work experience evidenced by work reference letter on company letterhead, work samples and curriculum vitae submitted will be considered.
  • A Language, Literacy, Numeracy, (LLN) assessment must be undertaken by all International Students to assign them into the correct course level
  • If students have a physical disability or impairment please contact Barkly International College for further guidance.

Further Education Pathway

After achieving this qualification candidates may undertake:

  • AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
  • AUR40816 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling
  • Or other relevant qualifications
# Unit Code Unit Name
1 AURAEA002 Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
2 AURASA002 Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace
3 AURTTK002 Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
4 AURLTB003 Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems
5 AURTTB001 Inspect and service braking systems
6 AURLTD004 Diagnose and repair light vehicle steering systems
7 AURLTD005 Diagnose and repair light vehicle suspension systems
8 AURTTC003 Diagnose and repair cooling systems
9 AURTTE004 Inspect and service engines
10 AURLTE002 Diagnose and repair light vehicle engines
11 AURETR023 Diagnose and repair spark ignition engine management systems
12 AURETR031 Diagnose and repair ignition systems
13 AURLTZ001 Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systems
14 AURTTF001 Inspect and service petrol fuel systems
15 AURTTA018 Carry out diagnostic procedures
16 AURTTA004 Carry out servicing operations
17 AURETR025 Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
18 AURETR012 Test and repair basic electrical circuits
19 AURETR029 Diagnose and repair charging systems
20 AURETR030 Diagnose and repair starting systems
Elective Unit(s)
21 AURLTJ002 Remove, inspect, repair and refit light vehicle tyres and tubes
22 AURLTQ001 Diagnose and repair light vehicle final drive assemblies
23 AURLTQ002 Diagnose and repair light vehicle drive shafts
24 AURLTX001 Diagnose and repair light vehicle manual transmissions
25 AURLTX003 Diagnose and repair light vehicle clutch systems
26 AURSCA001 Select and supply automotive parts and products
27 AURVTA004 Inspect damaged vehicle systems and recommend repairs
28 AURAMA003 Conduct information sessions in an automotive workplace
29 AURTTJ002 Remove, inspect and refit wheel hubs and associated brake components
30 AURACA001 Respond to customer needs and inquiries in an automotive workplace
31 AURETR043 Diagnose and repair electronic body management systems
32 AURTTA017 Carry out vehicle safety inspections
33 AURETR044 Diagnose and repair integrated engine and transmission management systems
34 AURLTX002 Diagnose and repair light vehicle automatic transmissions
35 AURAQA002 Inspect technical quality of work in an automotive workplace
36 AURETR006 Solder electrical wiring and circuits

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Your existing skills obtained through previous work, education and life experiences may make you eligible to receive formal recognition towards your qualification through the Recognition of Prior Learning process.

This process acknowledges that people learn in many different ways and that learning may have been obtained through formal or informal learning. To receive RPL, your skills, training and experiences are assessed against recognised qualifications.

Applications for RPL should be made prior to enrolling. To discuss RPL for this course please contact us on Barkly International College on (03) 9600 2996 and ask to speak to the Course Coordinator for this qualification or the Training Manager.

Course Credits

Barkly International College accepts and provides credit(s) to learners for units of competency and/or modules (unless licensing or regulatory requirements prevent this) where these are evidenced by:

  • AQF certification documentation issued by any other RTO or AQF authorised issuing organisation,
  • Authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar.

Credit will be granted not only for studies completed at an RTO, but at any authorised issuing organisation, such as a university. In such cases, an analysis as to the equivalence of the study completed with the relevant unit/s or module/s would need to be completed before any credit could be granted.

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