Courses (overview)

A number of approaches to course assessment are used by College staff. Assessment approaches may include: observation of performance in class, workshops or laboratories; case studies; projects; assignments; presentations; role plays; written tests and exams; work experience or work placement

Students will be given advance warning of the time and form of any assessment and will not be expected to sit an assessment they have not prepared for.

Students who are dissatisfied with their assessment outcome may apply for reassessment by contacting their trainer or assessor. Students are entitled to a maximum of three assessment attempts for each assessment. If after three assessment attempts students competence is 'not yet competent' they will be required to repeat the unit and pay any fees associated with repeating the unit.

Not attending for an assessment will be counted as one assessment attempt for each occurrence unless:

  • the student can provide a certificate from a registered medical practitioner indicating that the student was medically unable to attend the assessment; or/li>
  • the student can provide independent evidence of exceptional compassionate circumstances beyond the students control, such as serious illness or death of a close family member to explain the non-attendance at the assessment


A number of approaches to course delivery are used by College staff. Course delivery approaches may include teacher led classroom delivery; workshops; seminars; tutorials and supervised study. During class time students will be expected to participate by, for example, answering questions, giving opinions, demonstrating tasks, working with others in groups, making presentations and role playing situations.

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