Enrolment process

Applications for admission for students on a student visa must be made using the student application form. Students must complete the student application form and send the completed form to the College along with the Application Fee. Completed student application forms will be processed by the College and the application assessed on the basis of the information supplied. The participants for each program offered by the College will be selected in a manner that reflects access and equity principles. Completion of the student application form does not imply that the College will make an offer to the student. When prospective students apply to enter the College to study, the following procedure applies to the processing of applications:

The College will assess the applicant's previous educational qualifications (either obtained in Australia or overseas) necessary for studying at the required level of the proposed qualification. The application is also assessed to determine whether the applicant meets the required entry level competencies for the particular qualification in which the applicant wants to enroll.

If the applicant's educational qualifications do not meet the College's admission requirements, other factors may be considered at the discretion of the college. Verified evidence of these other factors must be included with the application. These other factors may include:

  • Mature age, and or proof of being18 years or older at the proposed date of commencement
  • Work experience,
  • Previous academic results,
  • Attendance rate in the previous college,
  • Ability and skills to function in an academic environment; and
  • Possibility to succeed in his/her academic endeavours.


Having arrived at an admission decision, the English language skills (language and literacy) will be assessed. If student has a satisfactory IELTS score (listed under entry requirements), the applicant will be offered a place in the chosen course.

If an applicant cannot produce a satisfactory IELTS score, and there are doubts about the English language skills to cope in an academic environment, the applicant will be advised to enroll in an English (ESL or ELICOS) course for an appropriate duration until the student achieves an IELTS score of 5.5.

In a situation where the student can demonstrate that he or she can communicate in English but cannot produce any formal English qualification as described above, then the student will be required to complete an IELTS test in Melbourne.

Successful applicants will be sent an offer letter, a written agreement and a request for payment by the College. Written agreements must be completed in full, signed by the applicant, dated and returned to the College.

Applicants wishing to accept the offer must pay the fee requested in the letter of offer, complete the written agreement and send it to the College. Once the completed written agreement and the fee is received (and cleared by the bank) an Electronic Confirmation of Offer will be generated and sent to the Australian Student Visa issuing centre to facilitate the issuing of a student visa.

Applicants must then apply for a student visa at their Australian Student Visa issuing centre and make travel arrangements to arrive in Australia in time to commence their course.