Student requirements

Details can be found within Policies and procedures

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship publishes a full list of mandatory and discretionary student visa requirements at

Selection for enrolment in our courses will be approved for applicants who meet the qualification selection criteria. In line with Government policy, students with intellectual and physical disabilities are encouraged to participate in training.

  • Qualification level Entry Requirements
  • AUR30612
    Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
    Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
    Certificate IV in Business
    Diploma of Business
    Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
    Certificate IV in Marketing & Communication
    Diploma of Marketing & Communication
    Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication
    18 years or older.
    IELTS 5.5 or higher/Equivalent
    Satisfactorily completed year 12 or equivalent, or relevant and sufficient Work experience.

*No minimum qualification required For EAL (I,II,III, and IV)

Students require language, literacy and numeracy capacity equivalent to the descriptions below:

Reading Writing Maths Oral communication

Read and understand texts with some complex ideas & non-routine vocabulary. For example, read a workplace report recommending a change or read a memo providing new instructions on workplace health and safety writing.

Write texts which convey ideas beyond everyday concepts. For example write the minutes for a workplace meeting or write a memo to colleagues to inform them of a temporary change to the workplace routine.

Use a range of algebraic formulae and calculating tools to solve work based problems. For example, apply formulae to measure heights, 2 and 3 dimensional spaces or use memory/square root functions on calculator to solve multi-step problems.

Participate in oral exchanges that require control of non-routine language and structures. For example deliver a presentation about a new workplace practice to a group of colleagues or listen to a complicated customer complaint & be able to summaries The customer's concerns.