Welcome From The CEO

“We Open Opportunities, We Inspire Success”

Congratulations on becoming a BIC student

We really hope you enjoy being here! It is a wonderful opportunity and experience for International students to come to Melbourne to study in what is known as the world’s most liveable city for 2016.

Barkly International College is dedicated to its pursuit of excellence in the education provided to our students. The training and assessment models in place allow for the diversity of cultures and educational experiences of the students walking through our door.

Our training programs from commencement through to completion are designed to teach, guide and equip you with all the skills and knowledge required to give you the competitive edge needed when entering the workforce. If you chose to study at Barkly International College you won’t be disappointed, it will bean experience of a lifetime!

Look forward to meeting you and supporting you through your educational journey at Barkly International College.

- Evelin Cruz